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Updated 28th October 2014


We offer High-Quality Adult Toys, Sex Toys, Dildos, Vibrators, Strap Ons and Lubricants to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania


We're based in Kenya and proud to be Kenya's Original Online Adult- Sex Toy Shop




This is where you'll find all the goodies to make life in the bedroom a lot more interesting.

We also offer High-Quality Male Sex Toys, Rabbit Sex Toys, Anal Toys, Hand Cuffs and other Foreplay and Bondage items.


This is a non-judgmental zone, so kick back, relax and have fun....Pleasure Connects People


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October 2014


28th October - New Fun Items Added: Fairy Wand Massager (T005D), Onyx Rabbit (T001E), Diamond   Plug (T010D) & Love Mouth Gag (F004A)


27th October - Naughty but Nice Rabbit Vibrator and Pendo Rabbit Vibrator back in stock!


1st October - Toys given New Codes to put similar items together for easy comparison

1st October - New Amazing Items Added:

                      Berry Beads (T010C),Pleasure Wand (T005A), Love Cuffs (F005),

                      Captain Lights Out (T006B), Nipple Clamps (F001A), Pocket Pal (T003B)

                      Leather Cock Ring (T007A), Bedroom Fetish Kit (F006), Princess Lace Carry Bag (A001)

                      Supreme Strap On (T008D), Honey Bunny (T006D), Butterfly Strap On (T008A)

                      Super Cock Ring (T007C), Pleasure King (T001D)

1st October - Items back in stock:

                     New Cosmic Rabbit (T001C), New Bunny Hop (T006E), Cock Ring (T007B)

1st October - Fun Toys Category added - These are toys that are more funny than serious (Fun Toys)

1st October - New Bondage/Teasing and Accessories/Condoms Menus Added


July 2014

11th July - New Lubricants and Condoms - New Durex Play Lubricants - Play Feel (L003), Play Warming (L004) & Play Tingle (L005)

11th July - Condoms Section Added - New Durex Condoms - Fetherlite Range of Condoms


June 2014

12th June - New Fantastic Items Added - Improved Naughty but Nice (T008), Magic Stick (T029), Lover's Lust Strap On (T030) and Ms Pearl (T031)

12th June - Items Back in Stock Naughty but Naughty but Nice (T008), The 3in1 (T015) and Flesh Light (T017)

12th June - Price reductions on Naughty but Nice (T008)The 3in1 (T015) and Flesh Light (T017)

12th June - More Detailed Images Added for Naughty but Nice (T008), The 3in1 (T015), Flesh Light (T017) and Aphrodite (T026)


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