New Great Stuff, New Stock of Great Stuff that was Out of Stock and Photo Studio Again? June 26 2014

It's been a pretty fast week and we were busy getting in new items and getting back items that have been out of stock.

We also photo studiod more of the items we have to offer you.

We also reduced a few prices. Yes it's been a fast week.

Here's a summary:

12th June - New Fantastic Items Added - Improved Naughty but Nice (T008), Magic Stick (T029), Lover's Lust Strap On (T030) and Ms Pearl (T031)

12th June - Items Back in Stock Naughty but Naughty but Nice (T008), The 3in1 (T015) and Flesh Light (T017)

12th June - Price reductions on Naughty but Nice (T008)The 3in1 (T015) and Flesh Light (T017)

12th June - More Detailed Images Added for Naughty but Nice (T008), The 3in1 (T015), Flesh Light (T017) and Aphrodite (T026)


Naughty but Nice is back and better. All the same great functions but a shiny coat and jewels can't be a bad thing right?

The 3 in 1 also is back with it's powerful vibration and manly size to match!

Flesh Light is back and we've added a few more pics so you get to know exactly what it is.

The new people in the party are Ms Pearl, Magic Stick and Lover's Lust Strap On.

They are all great items and follow our objective of making sure we provide the best quality at affordable prices.

We want to know that what we offer is something that you will buy and be very happy with. We're doing that every day.

As always if there is anything you would like to know just give us a shout online or call us.

Be blessed.