Erotic stories back, New Goodies on the way and mentionable Doc Croc Online stories September 24 2015

So how's everyone been doing? We hope the world has been good to you.

Things have been going swell at Doctor Croc as we try and give you the best from the Adult Toy world. You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that a few items are 'out of stock'. You have no idea how much we despise those words appearing on our site. It's all for the better in the end as you can be guaranteed that new and better stock is on the way. Stay tuned in. We source only the best items that are ideal to your requirements. As always you can subscribe to our news letter so that when the goods arrive you will be alerted immediately via email.

This week we decided to venture online and see what the net is saying about Doctor Croc. We were quite surprised with what we found. Seems like a lot of good things are being said about our service and products. Along with a lot of info on the way Africa has decided to embrace sex toys. You can catch up with our online search results by clicking on the links we have put on our homepage. This include an interview we did with a write for Vice Online Magzine. Ps. We used a fake name to make it a bit more fun :).

Good news. We have brought our online Erotic Stories back. Seems that they were more popular than we thought and some people have requested we bring them back. Feel free to check them out here. As always if you have anything to share please get in touch. Be it a story you would like to share or an item that you are looking for. We are here to help and thank you for your interest in us.

Have a great week ahead.