The Boss and I November 27 2014

Joe was stuck in traffic at 8:25am in the morning, at a time when he should be already seated at his desk, sipping coffee and making the usual morning checks of all the documents he expected would have been dropped on his desk by his secretary.


He knew he was going to get a good tongue-lashing from his boss. He knew that she was probably going to have him suspended for being late on the third consecutive day this week. What she didn’t know was that he had to drive like Jason Statham in The Transporter most times just so he could get to work before 8:00am every morning. But in the last three mornings, there had been a reason why he woke up late. There was a certain Evelyn lying naked on his bed those mornings.

She’d spent the last three nights at his house…and the things they’d done in the middle of the night had resulted in him sleeping quite later than usual and totally ignoring his alarm when it rang at 6:45am in the morning. Evelyn is a religious girl but a damn freak at the same time.

Joe wasn’t quite sure how things with Evelyn would end. He liked her very much, and wouldn’t mind being in a long relationship with her that could lead to her being his wife. But Joe knew who he was…and the fact that he might never be able to make it work like every normal person is supposed to but he couldn’t tell her that and break her heart. They had already confessed their love for each other more than a dozen times. It was best to see how everything would come to an end in its own chosen time.

By the time he got to the office block, the time was 8:46am. He was sure going to receive more than a tongue-lashing from Le Boss this morning. She might even decide to throw in a slap and a hot cup of coffee to his face. Yeah, she was that insane.

He hurriedly made it up the stairs to the 3rd floor as he saw the crowd waiting to use the elevator at the lobby downstairs. His office block is a 5 storey building and it was owned by two companies. The company he worked for owned the 3rd to 5th floor. With his briefcase in one hand and phone in the other, he charged through the front doors of his office with a forced grin on his face as he greeted a few colleagues along the way to his own mini-office. His secretary was punching away at her keyboard and threw a “Good morning, Sir” at him as he opened the door and walked in. What he saw made him stop in his steps, with his eyes bulging in surprise.

Sitting behind his desk was Le Boss, looking as mean as ever as she reclined on his chair and was going through a document she had in her hand. She is quite sexy, hot in every single sense of the word, her rimmed spectacles glinted a bit when she raised her head to observe him for a second and went back to reading what it was that was in that document. Joe cursed his secretary in his mind. Why didn’t the idiot warn him about this so that he could prepare his ‘speech’ before he faced Madam? Except maybe, Madam had warned her not to…which meant that he was in very deep shit this time.

He stood there still, not moving or saying anything. If Madam wanted to take her time, then just give it to her without any fuss. A minute or so later, she dropped the paper on his desk and stood up, straightened her perfectly ironed jacket and walked slowly towards Joe. He stood as still as the statue of Liberty. Joe snuck a look at her chest down to her thighs, absolutely enticing.Not even making as much as a flinch…or a blink, he maintained calm composure.

Madam walked straight to him and stood just before him. He could smell her fragrance, Expensive perfume, he thought to himself. She was not quite tall, but in her very high heeled shoes, she stood face to face with him, and looked into his eyeballs trough her glasses. Joe returned her stare…wondering what she must be trying to do with this show of authority. The beauty about high heeled shoes is how much they emphasize the ass, his boss’ ass is nothing short of big, bulby and bouncy ones just like those in the black porn movies.

No words were spoken between them for a few seconds as they engaged in this staring contest. Joe’s mind would drift to the events of last night that made him late to work today, the reverse cowgirl Evelyn gave him yesterday night. It didn’t even occur to Joe to apologize for his late coming, for he knew that even if he apologized…there was no way he would be going scot-free…especially with the way she was behaving right now.

His boss was behaving strangely this morning, usually, she would scream about his lateness, give him a piece of her mind, but today she was been silent and rather strangely.

The silence was unusual and her movements around him was very unsettling for him.

She removed her glasses, and then she opened her glossed-up lips slightly…as if she wanted to speak. But instead, she decided to help Joe straighten up his suit which had acquired a disheveled look because of the flight of stairs he had to climb to get here as quick as he could.

She placed both hands on his shoulder, massaged them, and let her hands slide down his arm to his wrists, Joe said to himself, here comes the scolding.

She made him drop the briefcase, then took his phone and threw it on the desk. Joe was beyond surprised, or afraid. Now he was just bewildered. He had no idea what his boss was doing, and he knew the best thing to do was to raise his voice at her and ask her what the heck was going on. He kept quiet instead, and watched what else she was going to do. And finally…she spoke

“I have come to like you very much, Joe. And I don’t intend to do anything that will affect you negatively but I was very angry this morning when you came in late again. I came to your office to request the files you are working on and I couldn’t find you. I sat at your desk and waited for more than 20 minutes, and yet you didn’t show up. This is the 3rd morning, Joe…and such acts can’t go unpunished because if I allow it to, these other people will think I have a soft spot for you, Joe.

Joe loved how she was talking to him, but would appreciate it more if she would do so in bed; He couldn’t have said he hadn’t noticed her hot bouncy ass but he did not like workplace romance due to the complications of work plus his mind had completely drifted off his boss’ ass since the emergency of Evelyn and her erotic nature.

“Well, they won’t be wrong about that…because I do” she interrupted his thought, she had one hand grabbing his crotch and the other hand behind his head and her mouth on his…her kiss was sublime and emotional.

He was in a WTF moment but he couldn’t scream!

Actually, his boss was the daughter and only child of the company’s CEO. Her dad had decided to give his daughter a present on her 25th birthday and made her the Director of his company’s official duties while he travelled to places like Hawaii and Japan on other pleasurable activities and this was just her 2nd month on the job.

Joe had never minded working under a Lady (pun intended), and not even one that he was much older than. She was very pretty, and quite intelligent as well, despite her moments of total madness that had made her slap one of her employees once and threw hot coffee at another in just 2 months as the ‘Overall Madam’.

She had never made any advances at Joe before, and he had never considered trying anything funny but had fantasized a bit about fucking her ass over the table. She was massaging his crotch, smearing her lip-gloss on his face and neck and pushing him to the wall. His stupid dick was not acting in accordance with his bewildered brain because it had begun to increase quickly in his pants. He felt his belt being undone and her hand squeezing in to reach for his dick. She found it and had started stroking already, her soft hands squeezing tightly on his dick-head, cupping his ball sack. Joe decided it was time to give it to Le Boss. They were in his office with the door unlocked, and except Le Boss had told his secretary not to interrupt them for any reason, they could get into big trouble.

He grabbed her exquisite ass, a feeling of contentment and satisfaction ravaged his body as the soft flesh of her ass tickled his brain. She was the daughter of a very rich man, so everything about her had to be exquisite. He squeezed hard on those big butts, continued kissing her, she pressed her boobs hard against his chest as her inner thighs invaded his waist. Joe removed her jacket revealing a spaghetti top underneath, he dipped his hands into the top, squashed the boobs against her chest, he pushed the straps of her bra to the side, pushing the bra to her belly. He began to pinch her nipples with one hand while still smacking and pressing her soft ass with the other hand, she continued kissing him like her life depended on it.

Joe grabbed the intercom and told him secretary not to allow any visitor that he was busy. He went to the door, locked it. Removed his jacket, he was walking around the office with his pants at his feet.

He pulled her to himself behind his desk, she was very obedient to his move this morning, lust is a strong thing, he told himself. He dragged her skirt upwards so he could feel her flesh. He traced a finger up her thighs until he found the slit between her legs and began to fondle her even as they stood their kissing and moaning. she was soaking wet between her thighs, Her boobs pressed hard against him, he bent her over his desk, spanking her ass while still wearing her high heel shoe… He had inserted a finger into her pussy from behind while rubbing his dick over her fat ass, she wriggled her ass as his fingers found her clit and began to tease them, she pushed all the papers on Joe’s desk off, tried hard to stifle her own screams.

Her hands became a little too active for Joe as she continued scattering all of his table. Joe folded her hands behind her to her back, took his towering erection and gently eased into her pussy, driving hard into her pussy at the first penetration.

He used one hand to hold down her hands behind her and used his other hand to grab a handful of her ass and he continued pumping his rock hard dick into her pussy from behind.

The tightness of her pussy was the exact feeling he wanted, Joe remembered all the screams she screamed at him, the scolds and began to penetrate her deeply, fucking her with all the strength he had in.

Little sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as she surrendered her pussy to Joe, his magic stick was doing all the work, pummeling her loins. His boss dint know he had this much fuck-strength in him, It seemed like Joe was trying to get a raise for fucking her well.

Joe could feel her vaginal walls tighten against his dick, driving Joe nuts with the pleasure it gave to him. She must have been practising her kegel exercises every morning. Joe felt his knees begin to grow weak as his orgasm raced towards its climax…her little moans were getting a bit louder. Joe squeezed on her fat butt-cheeks and slammed deeper and faster into her, their skin making that familiar sound of flesh hitting against flesh, her moans coming with each of his thrusts. She reached behind her and grabbed her own butt, as gasps of “aah…aah..yesss, oooh yesss” escaped her lips. She let out one loud cry, that made Joe think that someone must surely have heard her this time.

Her juices dripped from her coochie as she came, and her knees buckled. Joe utilized his muscles, and carried her up, made her sit on his hands with her legs wrapped around his waist, and thrust from beneath her into her dripping orifice right there on his office table. she held him around his head, whimpering still as he thrust faster and faster until he could feel his balls constrict and his load shoot up into her. His groan was much louder than he had wanted it to be…surely, Le Secretary must be wondering what is going on in the office by now.

She dropped from his arms then, and used her panties to clean herself up, went to the table, took the document she had been reading, and used it to wrap up the soiled underwear, then threw it in his waste bin. She straightened up her jacket and her skirt as best as she could, re-arranged her hair and combed it with her fingers till it looked as it had did before. Then she picked her glasses, from the table and put it on. She walked up to him then…with one very stern look on her face, and said with a soft voice

“Some days start better than others” then more loudly, so that the people outside the office could hear her…she said “And this must never happen again!”

With that she walked out of his office and slammed the door behind her.