T005B4A - iWand Spotter - iWand Insertion Attachment


Meet the iWand Spotter

Attaches to iWand T005E to make it into an insertion toy.

If you already have an iWand T005E, this naughty attachment will turn the iWand into one of the most powerful and sensual Vagina, Clitoris and G-Spot massagers.

It's made of Medical Grade Silicone and is a must have to increase the fun!

Easy to attach, use and clean.

It'll leave you or your partner begging for more.

Please Note: You Need To Have An iWand To Use This Item Correctly

 This clever attachment for the iWand will allow you to also stimulate the inside of the vagina and G-spot. The powerful vibrations will be channelled towards the G-Spot.



  • Use For: G-Spot, Clitoris and Vagina Stimulation
  • Speeds: 10 when used with iWand
  • Vibration Power: 9 / 10
  •  Size: Total Length = 6 inches


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