T009A - Men's G Spot Master - Silicone Prostate Massager and Cock Ring


Made for the more adventurous man.

This little wonder manages to provide a sensual massage to the male G-Spot (Prostate) as well as a cock ring worn around the penis or scrotum.

The prostate massage through the anus gives a massive orgasm as you explore yourself and find out just how wonderful you are.

Also use this toy as an anal dildo and cock ring that reduces premature ejaculation, maintains erection and if worn over a condom will ensure the condom does not fall off.

The silicone gives a skin like feel and is also easy to keep clean and dry after use.

Wear the cock ring around the scrotum for extra fun in the bedroom.

A great toy that is durable and fits any size penis.

Let the G Spot Master make your orgasms more fun.


The Men's G Spot Master is a great toy for men that is used for anal stimulation as well as Prostate Stimulation (Men's G Spot). Additionally, it acts as a cock ring that delays ejaculation, maintains erections and can be used to ensure condoms do not fall off. Made of silicone it is durable and easy to keep clean.


  • Use For: Male G-Spot (Prostate) and Anal Stimulation as well Cock / Scrotum Ring.
  • Size: Fits Any Size Penis
  • Ring Elasticity Description = Firm Stretch 

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