T010B1B - Pink Play Plug - Small Anal Plug


A Small Size Pink or Black Anal plug to enhance sensual arousal.

This pleasure enhancer is made of high quality and safe plastic that, if used correctly, will let you experience arousal in a whole new way.

Use the rectangular handle to easily insert and remove the Pink Play Plug.

They are well known for giving unmatched orgasms if used in the right way while love making....

Are you tempted?


Pink Play is a pink Anal Plug / Butt Plug with a tapered shape. The handle shaped base allows it to be inserted and removed easily after use. Provides anal pleasure during love making or while using other sex toys. Wash it thoroughly clean and you can use it for vaginal stimulation as well.



  • Use For: Anal Stimulation (can also be used for Vaginal stimulation but after being cleaned)
  • Partially Flexible Shape and Material
  • Speeds: 0
  • Vibration Power: 0
  • Use with condom and lubricant (Durex, KY, etc.) for maximum pleasure
  • CE European Standard
  • Size Approx: Total Length = 5 inches long, Min 0.5 inch wide and Max1.25 inches wide
  • Batteries: None Required


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