T012B2 - Silicone Ben Wa Balls


Ben Wa Balls bring in all the Mystery from the Far East...

Used in Thailand and China for hundreds of years, these magical balls are inserted in the vagina.

They are famous for improving love making for ladies and men as well as providing gentle sexual stimulation.

Benefits of using Ben Wa Balls are:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor (vagina)
  • Provide heightened sexual sensation for the user
  • Improved orgasms
  • Better sex for your partner
  • Keeps you turned-on while you wait for your partner..
  • Can be used all day without anyone knowing
  • Work out for the vagina. When balls placed inside, the body automatically holds them in.

Stronger vagina muscles lead to better love making as your male partner experiences greater pleasure...

Forget all those medicines and creams that don't work.

When in use, a gentle rocking motion by the body produces a gentle rocking motion within your body. The small metallic balls which are inside the Silicone casing vibrate in-tune with your body vibration to produce a fantastically sensual experience.

Also use these Silicone Ben Wa Balls throughout the day to assist with Kegel exercises (vagina muscle strengthening) after giving birth or for incontinence.

  • Made of Silicone which feels more natural and skin-like
  • Total Length = 4 inches
  • Ball Diameter = 1.5 inches

Link for more info on how to use Ben Wa Balls - Mayo Clinic - Kegel Exercise Guide

Instruction Video


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