TF007C - Electro Sex - Electro Shock Sex Therapy


Electro-stimulation is the new buzz in town!

This little wonder provides subtle or strong electric pulses to your body to provide amazing foreplay stimulation or enhanced stimulation during masturbation or love making.

The two spring clamps and control handle send electric tickles or hair raising zaps to wherever you please. You can also send pulses to your hand from the controller section while holding it and pulses to the clamps when they are attached to your partner. You can also just send pulses to the controller or to the clamps independently.

Just to be clear, things can get pretty freaky with this zapper. The strongest setting will leave you shocked! The lightest setting will leave you giggling.

Adjust the speed and intensity of the shocks with the high quality controller. Allowing you to get just the right setting.

All this action is provided by just one battery. Hard to believe. 

Buzz any part of the body but try and keep it to external buzzing with this one. 

Basic in principle, electrosex toys use the same tech as TENS machines designed for pain relief, zapping your nerve endings with mild (or intense depending on how you like it) electrical currents.

This direct stimulation can be, in some cases of preference, far more effective than vibrations.

Zap the boredom away and give it a try. You won't regret it..... or maybe with all this power you will!


Electro Sex is an electrical sexual stimulation and bondage toy. The two clamps and controller handle provide electric shocks of varying speed and intensity to any part of the body. Great for foreplay and during masturbation or love making. The most powerful shock may not be for the faint-hearted. Great quality and great fun for intermediate level bondage enthusiast.




  • Use For: Electric Shock Body Stimulation
  • Speeds: Variable speed and Intensity settings
  • Electric Shock Power: 1/10  to 8/10
  • Wired remote control
  • Good Clamp Pressure
  • Wire Length: 1 metre
  • Batteries: 1 x CR2032 Included in Pack
  • Booklet Guide Included
  • CE European Quality Standard Certified


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