Refunds, Terms and Privacy

Refunds, Terms and Conditions

Last Update 04.04.2017


1. Doctor Crocodildo tries its best to provide you with the best quality Goods and Services. This includes all the adult toys and delivery methods used.

2. All items ever sold by Doctor Crocodildo are brand new items and are guaranteed to be in working order when received by the client.

3a. Please give us 2 Hours Notice to process your delivery.

3b. For same day dispatch via national courier, please make payments before 3.30 pm so we can process your order in time.

4. It is up to you as the consumer to report any malfunctioning item within 2 hours of receiving the item so you may receive a new replacement item.

5. Items reported as malfunctioning after 2 hours from receipt cannot be replaced due to health and safety reasons.

6. Refunds can only be provided when an item is found to be faulty and an exact replacement item is not in stock. Refunds cannot be provided for any other reason due to health and safety reasons.

7. No special discount offers can be combined to give further discount on items costs. Only one offer can be used. This will normally be the offer that provides greatest cost discount.

8. If you require any more information about Doctor Crocodildo’s commitment to serving you at a superior level please send us an e-mail at


Privacy Policy

1. Doctor Crocodildo takes your privacy very seriously. We only gather the information you provide to us of your own free will.

2. The only information we ever collect is your name (real or not real), telephone number and e-mail address. That is all.

3. We collect this information so that we may keep you up to date on any changes that are going on at Doctor Crocodildo. These changes may be new products, changes of Terms and Conditions, competitions, price changes and so on.

4. You as the consumer can always let us know that you do not want us to keep any information on you and not to contact you again.

5. Doctor Crocodildo will never sell or give anyone any information we have.

6. Items delivered to clients are discreetly packaged and will not attract attention.

7. All delivery methods used are discreet.

8. If you require any other information on our Privacy Policy please e-mail us at