F001A2 - Paragon Whip - Premium Flogger Whip


So who's been a naughty girl or boy then?

When it's time to get naughty, raunchy and whip your partner into shape this is the item for you.

Of course you'll be doling out the pleasure and pain with nothing else than this classy whip.

This faux leather flogger is beautifully made and the tassels flow from a beautiful and sturdy handle.

Deliver teasing strokes or whip them and leave them in Wonder!

It's light and made of high-quality materials.


Provide pain and pleasure to your partner with this classy and well made, medium sized whip. USA design, It's great to look at and hold and a must have for a good bondage experience.



  • Beautiful and Intricately Made with good materials
  • 15 Inches Total Length
  • Jet Black - Faux Leather Tassels to provide pleasure and pain
  • Vinyl Handle textured to provide extra grip 
  • RoHS Material and CE European Certified
  • USA Design and Well Built.
  • Durable and Strong
  • Bondage Intensity Level = 5/10

Multi-Buy Offer 

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Please note some items such as condoms and lubricants are not included in this discount offer.

Such items will be clearly marked on their sale pages. 

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