F002A3 - Lady of the Red Spank Paddle - Beautiful Professional Paddle


The Lady of the Red was a well known mythical figure who brought pain to all she loved.

Good thing she left her Spank Paddle behind for us.

When it's time to get kinky, titillating and spank-minded with your partner, look no further than this beauty.

This premium and gorgeous spanking paddle is beautifully made with shimmering-red and black embroidery

Being heavier on the top allows you to spank with ease and precision!

It is beautifully made and will leave you and your partner glowing for sure.

The beauty and quality of this product is hard to beat.......literally! 

This Spanking Paddle will allow you to spank your partner and leave them in awe. USA design and well made. Beautiful colours, intricate embroidery stitching and easy to grip .


  • Beautifully Made with Elegant Stitching
  • 12 Inches Total Length
  • Shimmering-Red and Matt Black Faces
  • USA Design
  • Durable and Strong with Flexibility
  • RoHS Material and CE Certified
  • Bondage Intensity Level = 6/10

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