F003A - Boudoir Blindfold - High Quality Blind Fold


It's a well known fact that blindfolds heighten arousal to the next level.

This high quality blindfold will keep your partner guessing what you're about to do to them next.

Imagine them smiling with delight. Not knowing what's next.....

Classy and well made, it's a must have in the bedroom.

Use them along with cuffs, ticklers or whips for the time of your life..


This high-quality blindfold will keep your partner guessing in comfortable and refined manner. Fits any size face and a must have for the bondage and fetish enthusiast.


  • Use For - Keeping your partner in the dark and guessing
  • High Quality Materials
  • Good Looking, Durable and Efficient
  • Fit any Size Head with No Gaps to peep through
  • Easy to Clean
  • CE European Standard and RoHS compliant

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