F003B3 - Boudoir Masquerade Extravagant - High Quality Mask


Be the star of the bedroom and keep your guest in suspense.

Erotic allure and forbidden pleasure.

Be extravagant with the wider and fuller coverage of the face.

This great quality mask can also be used during events to give a sexy and mysterious appearance.

Classy, with metal studs, a smooth top finish and soft inner finish.

it's a must have in the bedroom to add an element of opulence and mystery.

Use them along with cuffs, ticklers or whips for the time of your life..


This classy mask heightens the suspense levels and is made to look good as well. Use it at parties or in the bedroom. The larger size will keep more of your identity hidden. Well made and fits any size face.



  • Use For - Keeping your partner guessing and adding mystery to bedroom play or events
  • High Quality Materials
  • large Size
  • Good Looking, Durable and Efficient
  • Fit any Size Head
  • Easy to Clean
  • CE European Standard and RoHS compliant


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