F003E - Sexy Lace Mask - High Quality Lace Designed Mask


There are many ways and tricks to make love making more intriguing.

This Sexy Lace Mask is definitely at the top of the trick list.

Add another dimension to love or lust for your partner

Classy and well made, it's a must have in the bedroom.

Use them along with cuffs, ticklers or whips for the time of your life..


This high-quality Lace Mask will definitely and more fun and pleasure during foreplay and love making. Fits any size face and a must have for the bondage and fetish enthusiast.


  • Use For - Increase Intrigue
  • High Quality Lace Design and Materials
  • Good Looking and Durable
  • Fit any Size Head
  • CE European Standard and RoHS compliant

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