F004A - Love Gag - Soft Silicone Mouth Gag


For the couple who love Bondage and Domination in the bed room.

The Love Gag is a great aid during foreplay and great for beginners.

The spongy silicone heart is placed in the mouth to limit the chit chat and noise while you work your partner's body.

The high quality adjustable leather straps ensure a safe and tight fit around the neck.

Whats that?.... Did you say something?...


This good-quality, adjustable soft-ball mouth-gag adds a whole lot of extra spice to your bondage play. Will fit around any size neck and is adjustable. Great as a first mouth gag.



  • Fits Any Size Neck and Chin
  • Adjustable good leather straps
  • Soft Heart Shaped Mouth Piece
  • Bondage Intensity Level: 3/10


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