F004C - Paragon Mouth Gag - Premium Mouth Gag


Perfect for the Lovers of Bondage and the New Comers to Bondage who love Good Quality.

The Paragon mouth gag is great to make sure your lover maintains silence during love making or whatever else you may please...

The solid dark silicon ball is placed in the mouth to ensure your mouth cannot move.

The holes in the ball ensure that the wearer can breathe easily through their mouth when it all becomes sexy and steamy.

High quality faux-leather and adjustable straps ensure a safe and tight fit around the neck and mouth.

This is a premium item for the more Bondage inclined.

Make sure your lover takes it in silence..


This hard-balled gag with adjustable neck strap will keep the noise levels down and thrill levels up. Made of superior materials and allows your partner to breathe easily though their mouth while wearing it. A superior quality mouth gag.



  • Fits Any Size Neck
  • Beautiful and Intricately Made with Good Materials
  • Good quality adjustable faux-leather straps
  • Protected Steel rings, fasteners and studs
  • Black Ball Piece which has holes to allow breathing from mouth
  • RoHS Material and CE European Certified
  • USA Design and Well Built.
  • Durable and Strong
  • Medium Bondage Intensity Level - 5/10


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