F006A2 - Bedroom Bondage Kit - Beginner's Foreplay Kit


Love is in the air.... and it needs to be blindfolded!

This great set of foreplay enhancers will bring love making in any bedroom up to the next level.

Included are:

  1. A soft blindfold to heighten surprise and anticipation
  2. A set of strong furry hand cuffs with keys and quick-release to make sure everyone stays in place
  3. A soft rubber tassel whip to heighten the senses and tame whoever has been naughty
  4. A neat case to keep or carry all the spicy items in

This is a great beginner's package for couples who like playing in the bedroom.

It also makes an inspired gift.

Have you been naughty? Or maybe you know someone who is really naughty.... This is what you need.


This Collection of Cuffs, Whip and Blindfold are the perfect way to introduce your partner to Bondage. Use the cuffs to restrain, the blindfold to keep your partner guessing and heighten the other senses. The soft rubber tassel whip can be used to gently stroke or whip your partner.



  • Great as a beginner's bondage set
  • Hand Cuffs Fit any Size Wrists
  • Blind fold to fit any size head.
  • Rubber tassel whip to tease or tame.
  • Bondage Intensity Level 4/10


Multi-Buy Offer 

    1. Buy 3 items and get a 10% discount
    2. Buy 5 items and get a 15% discount
    3. Buy 10 items and get a 20% discount!

Please note some items such as condoms and lubricants are not included in this discount offer.

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