F008 - Keep It Locked - Male Chastity Device


Who's been a naughty boy then?...

This male chastity device makes sure your man doesn't go astray or find time for too much play when he's on his own.

Easily Set Up to wear under your undergarments to make sure he doesn't misbehave with his willy.

Made from non-allergic medical grade plastic, it is light, sturdy and discreet.

The different size rings allow a good fit around different shaped and sized penises.

The padlock with 2 keys ensures the device cannot be removed.

Not one for the easily shaken!


This chastity device will ensure he doesn't get up to any mischief with his willy while you're not around. The wearer can still easily use the loo while wearing it but makes it almost impossible for him to have sex , masturbate or even touch the penis. A definitely intense bondage experience.



  • Plastic penis protector with urinal gap so you can relieve yourself
  • 5 Different size rings to fit an unerect penis of 3 to 7 inches long
  • Small bronze padlock 
  • Very Easy to Assemble 
  • Great for Dominatrix action with a Fun and Serious side to it.
  • Bondage Intensity Level 8/10


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