F009 - Speculum Fun - Medical Play Fun


This speculum may look like a duck's bill but trust us, it'll make you anything but a quack!

Take medical role play to the next level and add professional realism to your fun with this labia spreader.

This beginners speculum is transparent, easy to insert and features just one adjustable section to make use straightforward. Plus it's made of plastic for zero chills during insertion.

When closed, the insertable section has a 3.75 inch girth at it's widest point, and length of 3.5 inches that's comfortable for the patient.

Once inserted, the Doctor (your partner) simply needs to use the handles and locking pin to gradually crank the 'duck bill' open for a greater view.

Achieve a 4 inch opening that enables easier access to internal pleasure points, such as the G-spot and cervix. Just make sure you always use this spreader with plenty of lubricant to help insertion and stretch.

Please note: This speculum is not suitable for anal insertion.


  • Genuine medical vaginal speculum for beginners explorative play
  • Easy-to-use handles and locking pin
  • 3.75 inch circumference and 3.5 inch insertable length when closed
  • Opens to a maximum spread of 4 inches
  • Fully dismantles for easy cleaning
  • Bondage Intensity Level 9/10 

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