L001B - Durex Stimulating 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant


Sex lubricants are one of the most effective but least well know ways to enhance sex for you and your partner.

Durex Play Stimulating 2 in 1 is both a Massage Gel and a silky sex lubricant containing Arousing Guarana Extract.

This large bottle will last for ages and is also easy to carry around with you.

Treat your love partner to a sensual massage and then a passionate session of love making after.

Sometimes during sex your body might not always produce as much moisture as required. It's very natural for this to happen and lubricants are a great way to increase moisture and pleasure.

As you become more relaxed, your body increases moisture levels automatically.

Don't forget, lubricants are one of the best ways to ensure your condom does not tear or fall off during sex.

Use this lubricant to provide maximum pleasure and comfort when you use your sex toys as well.

Being a water-based lubricant (Not Oil Based), it is safe to use with latex condoms, all sex toys and also for use during oral sex.

Add in the fact that Durex is one of the Best Quality and most Trusted Brands and you're on to a  winner.

Sex lubricants really are highly underrated and are a great way to have a better time in bed!


This is an Guarana Extract lubricant that can also be used to massage the body. The lubricant makes sex more pleasurable when more moisture is required. The large bottle ensures it lasts long. It is great quality and direct from the Official Durex Kenya supplier.


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  • Use it for a massage and then passionate love making
  • Non greasy, silky smooth & non sticky
  • Large 200 ml Bottle that is easy to carry
  • Does not have any odour so no need to wash it off after use
  • It is a Water based lubricant. Easy to clean off and safe for condom and sex toy use
  • Pleasant taste during massage or oral sex
  • Contains Arousing Guarana Extract
  • This is not a contraceptive